So how has this amazing achievement been possible?

Meet Al-Kawari or “Promise”. Your not-so-average, hard-working Nigerian camel.

Promise’s job is to deliver food, water, fodder and pretty much everything else a community of nomads needs when they’re living in one of the most remote parts of Western Africa.

To the Fulani, the nomadic people dwelling in the State of Kebbi in their scattered straw huts, the sight of her approach laden with supplies brings a real sense of joy.

But to call Promise a lifeline would be an understatement.

For the last two years, this beast of burden has also been carrying polio volunteers and their much-needed vaccines to remote settlements to make sure no child misses being immunized against the crippling polio virus.

Awalu Gololo, from Kebbi, is one of them.

“You never know when Fulani people will decide to move to different places, so it’s the camel riders who tell us where they are. We do whatever it takes to reach every single child during every immunization round.”

Vaccinators like Awalu call up the leaders of Fulani to ask if any new group has arrived. Then they use the camel riders to take them there.

Promise is one of 150 camels the vaccinators ride for miles to deliver vaccines all over Nigeria, from Gwandu, Jega, Arewa, Augie, Birnin Kebbi, Aleiro, Suru to the Bagudo areas of Kebbi.

The importance of their job cannot be overstated. In 2013, most new polio cases in Nigeria were traced back to unimmunized children living in remote places. And without their effort, the country wouldn’t be so close to making it to a full year free of the virus.

But, just like the camels, their work doesn’t stop.

Nigeria needs three years without any new cases before it can be certified polio-free.

And that’s why the One Last Push campaign is getting behind volunteers (and camels) who are striving tirelessly to drive polio out of their local communities.

You can give them your support simply by signing our polio promise today.

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